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​Welcome to our website , this will help you if you read before taking an appointment or visiting:

  • Always consult your doctor before an Ultrasound.
  1. To come empty stomach for upper abdomen
  2. To come with full urine pressure for lower abdomen/kub/pelvis.
  3. To come with empty stomach and full urine pressure for whole abdomen.
  4. Early pregnancy also requires moderately full urine pressure.
  5. Pregnancy of more than 5 months does not require urine pressure.
  6. Ultrasound of other parts ie. head ,neck ,thyroid ,breast ,thorax ,testis, colour doppler of limbs and testis do not require urine pressure.
  7. Nuchal scan of pregnancy is done at 11 to 14 weeks of gestation.
  8. Level II ultrasound of foetus is done at 18-20 weeks of pregnancy.
  9. Foetal echoe-cardio-graphy is done at 18-24 weeks.

  • X-Ray
  1. ​X-ray of bones joints ,skull ,chest and spine does not any preparation.
  2. For IVP patient to undergo bowel preparation as either advised by treating doctor or as advised by us at the time of appointment then to come in the morning empty stomach without taking any fluids.
  3. For Barium meal and followthrough needs to empty stomach.
  4. for Barium enema needs bowel preparation as in case of IVP.

  • ​CT Scan:
  1. ​CT scan of bones joints ,chest,head ,neck and limbs does not need any preparation.
  2. For CT scan of abdomen needs to come empty stomach and take oral contrast if advised by technical staff as and when required (this may need few hours of stay and taking lot of fluids/contrast)

  • Always enquire about the expected time taken for procedure at the time of registration.
  • always enquire about expected time of delivery of report at the time of registration.
  • Always follow intructions given by your treating consultant.
  • Take care of your belongings yourself.
  • Help other fellows in whatever way you can.But never give medical advise unless you are authorised to do so.