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Dear Sir / Madam some points to be taken care of while sending patients for different radiology tests.


  1. Patient needs to be empty stomach for upper abdominal scan / 6 hours fasting.
  2. Urinary bladder needs to be full for lower abdomen / KUB and Pelvic scan.
  3. If patient is catheterised , catheter needs to be clamped before sending the patient from hospital.
  4. Doppler studies , small parts ultrasound , USG thorax , Neonatal brain scan do not need any special preparation.

Obstetricand Gynaecological  Ultrasound

  1. All pelvic and gynaec scans are recommended to be trans vaginal , unless patient is unmarried or unwilling trans vaginal scan, in that case bladder needs to be very well distended.
  2. Diagnosis of PCOD , RPOC and Ectopic pregnancy can only be established with confidence on trans vaginal scan.
  3. Obstetric scans up to 12 weeks are better visualised on trans vaginal scan,hence recommended.
  4. Nuchal Scan should be done between 11 and 14 weeks.
  5. Level II Scan ​should be conducted between 18 and 20 weeks. (before and after this period scan is not appropriate)
  6. Please avoid telling patient that coloured ultrasound is done, rather explain him about colour doppler test its need and implications.
  7. Main purpose of colour Doppler scan is to asses utero placental and foeto-placental  circulation.


  1. X-Ray of chest,bones ,joints ,skull ,PNS and spine do not need any preparation.
  2. X-Ray KUB / IVP needs two days of bowel preparation to remove the gases.On day of IVP patient needs to be poorly hydrated to get good contrast concentration in urine.
  3. ​Barium Enema also requires two day of bowel preparation with enema in the morning of examination to done.

CT Scan :

  1. All CT patients where possibility of IV contrast administration is there should preferably be empty stomach.
  2. ​Patients undergoing CT abdomen need to avoid solid food in the morning even if IV contrast is not needed to avoid filling defects in stomach.
  3. Patients of CT abdomen are given oral contrast for few hours to opacify bowel unless contrast reaches IC junction,hence needs to be informed about time taken for procedure.

​​If we all make these efforts , it will save some time and test results will be desirable

Thanks and regards

Dr Suresh Babu